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Welcome to Evolutionary Medicine at Durham!

Durham Castle and Cathedral

After a three hour train from London and a fight with a few heavy bags, I finally managed to take a deep breath and survey the city that was to become my home for the next year. I liked what I saw. The day was unseasonably warm (as I was told over and over by locals) and in the river, a soft light reflected an image I only knew from fairytales. My spasming back muscles relaxed as I realized that this was worth the constant explanation of why I had jumped across the pond to study a subject no one had ever heard of before.

My name is Neva Lundy and in May  of 2011, on a humid Mid-Western morning, I threw my hat in the air to the sounds of the Notre Dame victory march, without a clue as to what this next year was going to be like. I knew that the professors seemed lovely (note, I’m already becoming Britishized), the pictures looked beautiful and I reckoned Northeast English weather couldn’t possibly be any worse than that of Notre Dame. The jury is still out on that one, but the other two have definitely proven true. For the next year, in words and pictures, I am going to attempt to show what life here is like and possibly convince a few more students to join this wonderful program! If you want to know more before I post, check out the website at

Blog updates will be centered around the picture of the week so check back on Fridays to see what it is and what adventure surrounds it. Hope you enjoy the stories and please send me your comments and feedback!

Signing off from Durham,


P.S. wait till next week to find out what evolutionary medicine ACTUALLY is