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Where… in the world.. is…

“Durham in the UK” **

Last days of Fall

** Title to be sung to tune of Carmen SanDiego theme song

Well, it might not work exactly right musically, but I’d argue that the metaphor is quite apt for those hailing from the US of A. Much to our chagrin, it’s probably a good guess that most Americans could not pick out Durham on a map. To be fair, they might also struggle with the precise locations of Oxford and Cambridge…but at least they will have heard of them! So for everyone’s edification, here is a map pinpointing exactly Where in the World Neva Nicole Lundy is…

See the little dot WAY up in the North?

Something that I didn’t realize about what it means to be latitudinally equivalent with Northern Canada and lots of Russia was that the sun sets really early… like 3:45 early. People told me about the weather, but somehow the truncated daylight time didn’t make it into the conversation. However, the upside of this wacky diurnal schedule is that in the summertime, the sun doesn’t set till 11 or 12 and I have heard talk of Northern Lights not to far from there. Something definitely to look forward to!

Speaking of lights and Durham, this weekend is known as Lumiere and is put on by the town every two years. This fabulous festival of lights is put on by famous artists from all around the UK as they create light shows on the sides of all the old buildings. Here is the link to the main website.

The things they can do with lights will electrify your mind and light up your imagination. (Sorry it was necessary) Below is a picture of Lulu and I, complete with our location/homing devices. Note their technical design located on the superior aspects of our crania. Completely necessary kit on a night where the moon and stars had both taken the day off.

Never underestimate the power of light-up ears in a crowd...

This next picture is not mine, but I am posting it just so that you all know the incredible beauty of this festival (and click on the above link!). I will post more of mine after the end of the festival on Sunday.

The Cathedral, awash with color

Next week will have more pictures as well as more about the actual school of Durham!

Off to the lights,



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