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A Walkaround Durham in Pictures

Hallo Hallo!

It has been an extra week because, in efforts to fend off a bit of homesickness, I flew the coop, up and over the channel to visit a few Froggy friends (shh don’t tell the Brits). I was lucky enough to have old family friends in Paris for Thanksgiving, and we had a fabulous home cooked American meal, complete with a two large turkeys and slightly burnt pumpkin pie … that might have been my fault. Needless to say in my list of things that I am thankful for, after friends and family, came skype, and RyanAir. To any who decide to follow my example on this adventure, I’m sure that you will come to feel the same way.

However, I realized that one picture a week might not give a complete perspective of Durham, and so I have put together some of those pictures that had yet to fit into posts. Side note: these are all while it was still fall. The calendar turned to December and the weather realized that it had been remiss in welcoming in the winter; today it remedied that matter quite quickly. No snow yet but definitely frost this morning!

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Enjoy the brief virtual walk!

Signing off from Durham,


P.S. In efforts to keep up with the weather, I bought wellies today! Next step to Brit-ification completed!